Bred, and owned by Marie Jordan

D.O.B: 24 April 2005

Sire: Jakovall Truly Entranced JW

Dam: Laetare Cerafyn for Marie at Jakovall JW


Terra stayed along with Drift!  I always say never to have 2 puppies from the same litter to prospective new owners, and now I know why!!  Where ever Drift goes Terra is sure to follow and visa versa!! 

She wasn't the prettiest in the litter, being the darkest with odd ears and spots, but there was something about her I loved.  I still don't know what it is and due to personal circumstances almost re-homed her, but she's still here and loved to bits.  She had her first litter in 2007.

She has been Eye tested normal, CEA CH/DNA normal (both her sire and dam are CEA CH/DNA tested normal) and BAER hearing tested normal at 6 weeks old and hip scored 3:4.

Terra gave birth to her first litter on 1 August 2007.

Terra was involved in a RTA (in a vehicle) and suffered internal bleeding and a dislocated hip in January 2010, she has thankfully made a full recovery, although does sometimes limp a bit after going mad! 

She gave birth her second litter which was a repeat mating on January 12 2011.  I was hoping to keep a girl, but she had other ideas and produced 5 boys!   As she had to have a caesarean due to puppy no. 2 - Obi - being well and truly stuck, I decided that this will be her final litter.

Terra pictured at 5 days to 6 weeks

Terra pictured at 12 & 18 months