The first Blue Tri Jakovall!

Bred, Owned and Handled by Marie Jordan

D.O.B: 28 December 2006

Hips 4:4

Sire: Jakovall Glen Caddan (1 Res CC)

Dam: Jakovall Dentata

Teala was born in a litter of 8 - 7 girls and 1 boy!  This being the 8th litter I have bred and also a first for me, in that Trinity and Merlot produced 3 Blue & White puppies and a Blue Tri (Teala) as well as 4 Black and White puppies. 

Sadly the smallest girl died at 2 days old and Trinity wasn't coping very well and unfortunately suffocated 2 more girls.  Teala was very close to succumbing to the same fate as her 2 sisters, she was found under Trinity and not breathing, but we managed to revive her.  From that day we had to make major changes with Trinity and the puppies regime, and thankfully the hard work paid off and they all turned out to be fantastic happy healthy puppies. 

So Teala was and is my extra special puppy and was destined to stay.  She has a super personality, loves people, cuddles, our other dogs and is beautiful to boot. 

She has been Eye tested normal, CEA CH/DNA normal by parentage (both her sire and dam are CEA CH/DNA genetically normal) and BAER hearing tested normal at 6 weeks old, hip scored 4:4.


Teala pictured at 6 days ~ 10 days ~ 4 weeks


5 weeks to 7 weeks

Playing with her pig ~ 8 weeks

Teala pictured at just over 9wks and giving granny Meg a big kiss!

Pictured here at 5 months modelling a mud coat!! Bless her  :)

June 2008 18mths old

May 2009 still being a clown!