Overseas Agility stars;

The 2 girls listed bellow are the only Jakovall's that have gone overseas

Finnish Agility & Jumping Champion Jakovall Oh You Pretty Thing ~ Loox (AKA Miss Looxorious)

Owned by Jenni working Class 3

Going from class 1 to class 3 after just 26 agility competitions Jenni and Loox have qualified to compete in the Finnish Championships in June 2009, and they also get to compete in the competition where the Finnish National team will be selected in July 2009. 

On April 5 2010 Jenni and Loox gained their 3rd Agility Certificate thus making Loox's a Fin AgCH and will be competing in the Finnish Championships in June 2010.

Loox and Jenni have qualified again to compete in the Finnish Championships in 2011

Jenni has very kindly allowed me to use the following photos;

The following photos were taken by Katiai Kuuttila

You can see more Agility photos taken by Katia here


Jakovall Truly Bewitched ~ Drew

Owned by Anna

She has the following titles;

North American Dog Agility Council  (NADAC) titles:

NAC (Regular Novice Agility)
NJC (Novice Jumpers)
TN-N (Novice Tunnelers)
O-TN-N  (Outstanding Novice Tunnelers)
WV-N (Novice Weavers)
O-WV-N (Outstanding Novice Weavers)

American Kennel Club (AKC) titles:

NA (Novice standard agility)
NAJ (Novice Jumpers with Weaves)