Bred, by Marie Jordan

D.O.B: 18 June 2004

Sire: Rosmarinus The Crofter

Dam: Shoovikon Jumpin at Shadows JW


Neo is from our 5th homebred litter, and came into the world on Friday 18th June 2004, along with his 3 brothers and 2 sisters.  He has been Eye tested normal, CEA/DNA normal (both his sire and dam are CEA/DNA tested normal), gonioscopy tested norma, land BAER hearing tested normal at 5 1/2 weeks old.  He was hip scored at 8 1/2 years old and the score came back at 9:2. 

From left to right Neo pictured at 1wk ~ 3wks ~ 4 1/2wks

Neo 5 1/2 weeks,

As his "Granny" called him ~ "my little pony".  Photo by "Granny" Rosey Durrant ;)

From left to right Neo pictured at 7wks ~ 7wks ~ 11wks

Neo (& his half sister Mae!) aged 10 1/2 months

Pictured here at 8 1/2